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Chocolate, Babassu Mask and Clarifying Shampoo kit

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Repair and revitalize your hair with our kit! The chocolate reconstructive cream, the babassu recovery mask and the best clarifying shampoo will give you quick and effective hair care. Try today and say goodbye to damaged hair!

Clarifying shampoo, that cleans deeply, eliminating residues, PH 7.0. Leaving the hair ready to receive all the benefits of the mask and other hair products. It is rich in vitamin E, to prevent dryness.

Chocolate Recovery Mask, Fills the strand, which is losing mass during chemical processes. Its formula will repair and reconstruct hair, protecting the hair fiber, leaving hair shiny, smooth and resistant.

Babassu Recovery Mask is the seed of the palm tree found in the Amazon region of southeastern Brazil. It is rich in moisturizing oil and vitamin E. The babassu recovery mask has a high content of lauric acids (found in coconut oil). GV Babassu Recovery Mask is a hydrating and recovery hair treatment mask that uses both Babassu and keratin in its formula.

HOW TO USE: With wet hair, apply the GV Clarifying Shampoo and massage from the scalp to the ends, rinse well. With a towel remove all excess water and apply the GV Chocolate Mask and the Babassu Recovery Mask (Mix and make a pump or use separately) section by section until all the hair is covered, leave the product to act for 35 minutes under a heat source. Then rinse well. Then proceed to dry and comb.

Upgrade your hair care routine with this transformative set and experience the incredible results for yourself!

Chocolate, Babassu Mask and Clarifying Shampoo kit
Chocolate, Babassu Mask and Clarifying Shampoo kit Sale price$105.00 Regular price$140.00